Your Business Is A Skyscraper

You want to have the tallest building around. You bought a plot of land in an upscale district where only the most world-renowned professionals have a building. They have skyscrapers in the making, and already have 10 or 20 floors in their buildings.

You are of their caliber, but they won’t know that until they see your building.

If you buy the land, put up a sign saying “Coming Soon” but never do anything with it, you are embarrassing yourself.

No, you want to to prove to your established neighbors that you deserve to be in their neighborhood.

You don’t want people walking down the street and commenting on how out of place your building seems next to all these other skyscrapers. It will have it’s own aesthetic so it can’t be confused for anyone’s else real estate, but the quality must match or exceed your new neighbors.

If your empire were a skyscraper, it’s my job to help you build the perfect foundation, lobby and second floor.

If you use cheap materials or hire shoddy construction workers, the levels built upon the foundation and lobby will eventually crumble because it can’t be held up.

When your foundation is cracking, your lobby is dirty, your signs are delayed and your reception desk staff is taking a long lunch, guests who come in are put off by the filth, confused without direction and eventually walk out in search of a nicer more welcoming building.

A skyscraper takes work to build. It’s meticulously crafted story by story so that the next level will be firmly secured before moving on to the next and so on..

The work doesn’t end once your foundation is built and the lobby opens, but if the base isn’t secure and polished then you’ll always be re-doing and re-constructing the bottom of the building as you add stories. What a waste of time!

Do it right the first time, then never think about it again.

Build your solid foundation and pristine lobby so that when visitors poke their head in, they will be dazzled by the shiny floors, the friendly doorman and the clear signage. Your building’s security is top notch so that if someone who doesn’t belong there pops in, they will be escorted out right away.

The buzz of the visitors and employees runs like a well-oiled machine. And even if you are the only employee, as you will be for awhile, you have self-serve stations for people to help themselves. You aren’t needed every second to answer every question, so you can actually get things done!

You have a rope cordoning off a luxurious office for visitors who have made an appointment. You don’t see anyone without an appointment, but you will gladly open and address all mail sent to you and reply at a time that works for you.

The elevators are gorgeous and take clients to the second story.

The foundation is the backend systems and processes holding your business together.

The exclusive lobby is the front-facing part of your business, like your website, where everyone is welcome but very few chose to stay.

And the second story is your product, which even fewer get the keycard to go up and explore.

Only paying clients get access to the second story. It’s an elevator ride and experience that’s famous and exclusive. Lobby visitors try to poke their head into the elevator bank to see who is coming and going and to get a glimpse of the VIP treatment for themselves.

There is a short, single-file line in front of the elevators with clients who got a coveted ticket and are waiting their turn. While they are waiting, they are given a plush lounge chair in their favorite hue and custom slippers masterly handcrafted by a European cobbler. They are sipping a delicious drink as they are showered with gifts.

There is a clear distinction between lobby visitors and VIPs in waiting.

While visitors are treated extremely well with the utmost professionalism and respect, the VIPS are treated like royalty. Everyone wants to be on that line and make it to the second floor, but few have the right personality, traits and proactiveness to make it happen for themselves.

Every story addition is expertly planned, designed and built on a schedule.

Like all things construction, there will be delays but you stay flexible. But you aren’t worried about the next step because you are 10 steps ahead in your mind. And while the next story is being built, you aren’t scrambling to put out a fire in the lobby or rewire the electric because when you built the building, you gave it every part of your full attention and skill. You didn’t buy a generic tool when you really needed the name brand. You didn’t take 10 days to pour concrete when you really needed 16. And you definitely didn’t hire your friend’s neighbor who has Tuesdays off from their insurance sales job to lay the marble floor.

You know that if you want to be seen as the best, you need to do the work and look the part. Shortcuts in the present only lead to infrastructure issues in the future.

You plan on being in the neighborhood for awhile, and look forward to passerby seeing your name on the building and whispering to their friends “That’s so and so’s building- it’s absolutely gorgeous. I hear it’s just as nice upstairs as it is in the lobby. If I had the money, they are my first choice.”

And while the foundation and lobby might be literally set in stone, they aren’t really. Because if you notice a lot of confusion over a sign or that the flow of traffic stops at a certain point for no reason, you can always rearrange and decorate the lobby. Small changes are possible without upsetting the fundamental structure.

Your business is a skyscraper, waiting for you to draw the blueprints and take on the world.

Because yes- the world looks better from up here.

This article was originally posted on 10 Carat Creations.

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