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Photo: Liana Mikah

Ecofeminism was titled by French feminist Francoise d’Eaubonne in 1974. It was inspired by the parallels drawn between how government officials (primarily men of privilege) mishandle our environmental issues and ways in which they mishandle women. Back in the 70‘s, this was a radical but impactful accusation to make. Now, in 2020 we’re long overdue to admit that oppression comes in many shapes and sizes. As feminists and ecological activists, we can remain loyal allies to the entire spectrum by empathizing, listening and learning while working together to eliminate oppression at the source (got that, J.K. Rowling?).

So what is the source? For centuries, the world has been a control-room operated by white-identifying males. Men of power and privilege have been raised to take risks, get messy, assert dominance, and show little emotion in the process. (After all, emotions could be mistaken for weakness, and weakness can result in submission.) Let’s add another layer of extremes. In the eyes of supremacists or misogynists, a threat to dominance could inevitably lead to hyperbolic, venomous tantrums for control (ie. domestic, racial, and animal abuse). Raising our children with a mindset of entitlement programs them to lash out on who or whatever challenges their supposed “right to authority”. Pretty ironic that the goal is machismo-strength but the pure, primary response is fragility. …

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Photo: Markus Spiske

I woke in the soft, yellow haze of sunrise one chilly day in April. Last night, I dreamt of the world, our world, that seemed to be fading. It was a planet where people were free to hold one another, catch contagious smiles that needn’t hide behind masks, and travel without fear of contamination. Contrarily, it was a world that was dominated by looming corporations, corrupt economies, race wars, all tucked behind the kaleidoscope of mass-consumerism. Upon waking, I dwelled on the reality that the latter remains prominent.

The morning news was (and still is) infected by the new term: COVID19. We were prescribed home isolation, and today, I remain one of millions left on unemployment. As a musician, my career became limited to scribing and scoring from home and my income reduced to a stimulus check. As a human, I felt my grip slipping from any sort of routine while anxiously awaiting any positive updates. …


Nicole Fragala

Musician and Activist — NYC

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