How to Achieve Extraordinary Results in 44 Quotes
Iliyana Stareva

Hello Lliyana,

Have an excellent and happy new year with your team

I wish u every success in all what you undertake this year and for years to come.

As for me, my knowledge of the american language is too poor to go on with reading all the messages i receive from you as well as Ben Hardy or even

Christopher Connors, etc….

Those messages contains wise advises sometimes and also things about which i cannot speak as the aged woman i am and it’s time for me to do what i do much better : speaking my beautiful french language and sharing with all those i know and understand to improve our image especially abroad because here in France and especially where i live we’re passionately involved at restauring the place our beautiful country used to have a long time ago and that had been too much altered now.

Having had a President like Barak Obama and a first Lady like Michelle Obama and now have the Trump’s, in my sense this is definitely not a progress. I wish i were wrong perhaps i am wrong but this is my feeling.

God bless you, America and all the Nations of the World.

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