There are pockets of America that never recovered from factory closures; men who took pride in hard work and providing for their families who now feel forgotten; parents who wonder whether their kids will have the same opportunities we had. All that is real. We’re challenged to do better; to be better.
Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

It’s the same here in Europe and we have to be responsible as they were, our Parents, working so hard for us to have a better life.

For my Dad and also my Mum, it was difficult as my Dad was a coal miner and he went to work each day with the idea he might not come home.

I remember once, his best friend did not come home : he had been killed at work and immediately we all (Dad, Mum, my elder Sister and my yound Brother) went to the Widow’s home to help, her and her two children, and from that day we gave assistance to her, until the moment she could manage by herself.

It was mervellous to see how these coal miners and family were immediately ready to help not only the miners but also the others. They were not paid a lot in regard to the danger and also professionnal desease but they were so proud to go to danger (i remember my Dad used to go to the most dangerous places ; he sometimes had to work in the water and when i was looking at his hands injured i did not understand how he did not complain and i felt proud myself) ;

Recently I read a book “Terre des Hommes” written by Antoine de Saint Exupery who also wrote “le Petit Prince” ; and i was simply considering how much we all are indebted to such men who were pioneers to simply ensure the transportation of the mail to any point of the world. They were heroes, not considering money but trying to do their duty.

So was my Old Man ; he was not rewarded to risk his life but he did it and he never went to work without kissing us all goodbye and it meant a lot for us. We lived simple life and Mum had to spend the money with caution

but we were happy. At that time we had a single present at Christmas and we did not claim another one.

Coal Miners had been appointed from other countries : Italy, Poland, Marocco and we all lived together and it was not always easy because we had different ways to live our religions but all the Coal Miners were sharing the same dangerous work and they were all together to face the daily dangerous work.

I remember that those working in the mills had not the same way to appreciate their Colleagues.

It’s far from now but this land was said a suffering one and people living on it were friendly and always ready to help others in difficulties.

This is why, now, my aim is to help to make life easier for the suffering ones.

Also i’m considering children as they will have to face the consequences of changes regarding climate and ressources to help the generations to come.

We can no longer consider we have not reponsibility and think only of our own life ; i think it is our duty to help to change what has to be changed so that life can be bearable for the poorest.

I strongly believe that our blue planet is a mervellous creation and that it is our duty to preserve it ; it’s about time now.