Who am I

where do I go ?

I don’t want to go to hell ; I will not go to paradise as I don’t deserve it

I only ask through Marie that I obtain pardon from all my Family and

as my Family is your Family I demand you to forgive me not to be a saint

and I have no doubt about that fundamental question : to be or not to be

as I am definitely sure i am nothing but a human being.

Anyway I believe that paradise as hell are on earth and that we all pretend to know : scientists as poets ; paradise and hell can also exist in our heart each time we behave against the Law of God whatever we name Him : Allah,

Jehovah, Vishnou, Buddah : God is One and according to what I was taught,

Jesus was born on December 25 in a stable. Marie gave birth to him after having been visited by Archange Gabriel who announced her She would be giving birth to the Son of God, made of blud and flesh and Jesus would have a life like a man of blud and flesh and he would be persecuted and crucified to death and after that he would be buried and would then come to life again after 3 days and would go near God, His Father and would sit at the right side of God to judge men alive and dead.

Now time has come to cease wars in the name of God as we’re near the end.

It’s enough we have profaned His creation and forgotten all we had learnt :

money is definitely not God : men invented money and now money as replaced God in their heart since they can act against the Law of God.

Only God is perfect men were born imperfect. They were born thanks to their Parents but thanks to God and the time is near that they are about to destroy like because they’re forgotting thet the Lord said : “love each other and love others as yourselves.

Having a gun, a machine gun to kill is definitely be a fool and kill in the name of God has to be prohibited !!!!

Don’t you see you’re wrong each time you prefer war to peace ?

Can’t you see your ruining your souls ?

I was born catholic, i was baptised and for ever my soul was devoted to the Lord and this is why i did not realise that devil could appear to me in flesh and blud and he tried to corrupt me and could not corrupt me and never could as i was devoted to the Lord.

Blessed are the children, the Saints, Jesus Christ, Marie His Mother, Joseph His Father on earth and the Lord, blessed are we, the sons of Eve and Adam

but we also are the sons of the Lord and please, Lord forgive us and give us the grace of been capable of forgiving those who have hurted us.

I am only a mother as the Lord permitted that i had a son and blessed is my son and family !

I thank you all for your patience and please forgive me as i only am a human being and i am sick of being considered for anything but simply an old woman in age.

God knows i love my family, part of the Family of men and women whatever the color of their skin is, whasoever their religion is.

I am a woman and any woman on earth is dedicated to be loved and respected ; men created the perfect fantasm of a woman ideal (shaped to please him) what regard has he about her soul ? He is stronger speaking of strenght but she can have children ; he claim he can have children, would he be capable to be pregnant and give birth to his own children ? no this is not the Law of the Lord. He is only capable of using his strengh and even murder his own children and for that reason I am not confident in his faith.

a faith that lead anyone to murder in not real faith it is weakness.

Human justice can’t definitely be perfect ; this is why i am sure of the word of the Lord and i am ready to die for Him if He wants me to die. He’s the only One to decide and i will simply do what He expect me to do as if He were my father, for the love of my mum.

My father’s name is Augustin ; my mother’s name is Emilienne,

my brother’s name is Pascal and they are with the Lord.

My elder sister’s name is Raymonde and i pray to keep her on earth as she is very ill ; she thinks she cannot recover and all i have done is to give her confidence to recover ; i use to call her Ray or Monde because she is the world for me and i believe she can recover with the help of the Lord if He wants as He is the One who decide anyway.

In 2000 I was in the Holly Land in Jerusalem and I wrote a prayer in the wall as all in Israel use to do. It seems, perhaps, that Lord could read it

If only He would accomplish what I was asking : it seems He is giving me the grace of forgiving my sins and realize what i asked Him.

Thanks God and blessed are you and blessed are all the Saints and i am ready to do what i was willing to do for the whole Family of the Humanity

Remember i’m only a dreamer and forgive me to have such a dream which sounds like a prayer.

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