Are You HumanKinda?

Are you too busy to find love? Are you the kind of person who is still plugged in on vacation? Or are you always the last one to leave the office? If you answered yes to any of the above questions you could be experiencing HumanKinda, according to JetBlue. As stated in the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights: Above all else, JetBlue Airways is dedicated to bringing back humanity back to air travel. To play off of one of their core values, JetBlue has created an entire campaign around the concept of human kind turning into human kinda. “HumanKinda” is when you are so busy, you feel as if you are losing your humanity. In a light-hearted and comedic video, JetBlue explores the lives of people who are so busy that they are becoming HumanKinda.

The short film, starring Sam Richardson, tells the story of how human kind is becoming so busy that we are losing sight of who we are. The film shows real life people whose lives are obviously very hectic. The film follows said people and tells the story of their busy day-to-day lives. After we hear a little bit about them, Sam embarks on trying to accomplish items off of their to-do lists. We see him doing housework, packing lunches and other various, and humorous, tasks. In the next phase of the film the busy-bees are given opportunities to de-stress and relax. The remainder of the film tells the story of how these people will use the lessons they learned about relaxing to help them in their demanding lives.

The film does a great job telling a very relatable story in a fun and entertaining way. This go-go-go lifestyle is a common problem that many people can relate to. The message is seemingly conventional while the approach was rather non-traditional. It makes sense though, playing directly to their target market. The video talks about how people are glued to their phones and computers- what a great way to reach them?!

Project HumanKinda has the home base of a blog with the documentary front and center at the top. The blog features funny quotes, pictures and GIFs relating to HumanKinda issues where they can then be “reblogged” by other Tumblr users.

The blog also has a live feed of Tweets, with the hashtag #toobusy, scrolling along the bottom. This is an awesome technique because it is real life proof that this is a common problem among all kinds of people now-a-days. Along with the content mentioned, the blog also has an interactive quiz that viewers can take to determine if they are in fact HumanKinda. I took the quiz myself and, not surprisingly, I got 60% HumanKinda. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering I have my phone sitting next to me and nearly a dozen programs, windows and documents open on my computer.

At the top of the blog is the JetBlue logo and an image saying: JetBlue presents. Other than those two images the company doesn’t overwhelm viewers with their brand. In the video you can see the main character visit airports which are JetBlue gates. The video is clearly about the message and not about the brand. This was a nice touch by the creators. By letting people view the content for what it is, they weren’t distracted by the company and can enjoy the content for what it is. Many times, other companies will sponsor a video but it’s hard to tell whether it’s a video or a commercial. I admire the way JetBlue executed this film as well as the blog that goes with it.
In an interview for Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications and social media strategist at JetBlue, said “We’ve always been a company that looks to try innovative ideas that engage our audiences.” I think it’s safe to say that JetBlue has created a very innovative concept with HumanKinda that is sure to encourage people to live in the moment and live life to the fullest. The video and other content can be found here on the JetBlue HumanKinda blog.

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