Tales of tasty treats and teamwork

As you probably know, Manifold is a remote-reliant organization — I’d estimate about half of our employees are remote, located in places like Denver, San Francisco, Toronto, and more. Our engineering manager Gary Poster has written an awesome series of posts about building a partially-distributed team, and in one of those posts, he talks about the importance of meeting in person for company retreats.

Last week, Manifold did just that. Those of us that are remote traveled to Halifax to spend time with our coworkers in the office. We had meetings about important engineering and product topics, held a mini-conference…

Coding bootcamp graduates tend to be shy about their backgrounds: from the time they enroll, to the job search, or even when they’re just chatting amongst peers, it’s common for them to feel hesitant about bringing up their bootcamp experience. It’s a very polarizing topic: in tech, we either love bootcamps or we hate them — it seems like there’s no in-between. I’d like to provide a brief history of my career journey, from classical musician, to assistant bank manager, through a rigorous coding bootcamp at App Academy, and ultimately, to my job here at Manifold. …

Nicole Tibaldi

Frontend engineer @manifoldco. Lover of dogs, hiking, and Yankees baseball.

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