Five Great Stories


At 71 years old, I would say I’m well off for myself, retired and enjoying reminiscing on the strides and accomplishments I have achieved in my time as a Surgeon. I enjoy telling stories of remarkable procedure I completed and my time researching cures for various diseases. The career part of my life took up most of my time including all the schooling and residency i had to complete prior to even becoming a surgeon. I devoted myself to my patients, always putting their needs above my own and making it a point to provide them with the best surgical experience possible. I pride myself in my work and believe I fulfilled my duty to serve and care for anyone who walked into my door.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Throughout my time working as a surgeon, I never felt inclined to devote much time to religion and spirituality. Often times I got from patients’ family that I was playing god, trying to save everyone but I feel as though they looked at it the wrong way. I believe god gave me my talents to do his work and to help his people. By searching for cures and performing life saving surgeries, I’m completing his mission for this person. He has in his mind to send them to me so I could help them continue on in their life to follow out whatever plan he has for them, and I believe I did just that. Although I have always believed in this principle, I find it repetitive to attend church every weekend and didn’t spend as much time as other devoting my life to my spirituality but instead it was devoted to medicine.

Leadership Roles

Being a surgeon, I was constantly in position of leadership. I was in a higher position to my interns and residents as an attending. In my career I also achieved the position of Chief of Surgery which put in a place that I was over my colleagues.

Friendships and Social Life

Throughout my career, I had the privilege to meet many inspiring minds and befriend many of them. Many of my friendships stemmed from the work place and was able to grow because I was in constant communication and saw them every day as a part of my job. It was harder to keep my friendships from college and medical school because of my busy schedule and the limited time i had outside of the work place to socialize. It was hard to go out when my career was in full swing because being Chief of Surgery required crazy hours and lots of work. I spent most of my free time at home with my husband or on the rare occasions I wasn’t on call I went to the bar with some friends from work or if our schedules permitted I went out to dinner with my friends from college and medical school.


The main partnership I had throughout my life was with my husband. Although we did not have kids, we had the task of the managing our finances and house together. At times it was hard to see eye to eye because of our different upbringing but we made it work because that is what made us fall in love with each other. Both of our crazy schedules made it imperative for us to make time to spend quality time together and time to manage the business side of our partnership. We had a healthy partnership throughout and we were both happy in our many years together.

As you can see, my career dictated the other four great stories of my life. There were multiple occasions of my career interfering with the other stories of my life and it made it difficult to balance every aspect of my life. For example, my career conflicted with my partnership with my husband because my career made it hard for me to have and raise children so I made the decision that I didn’t want to have children for their best interest. That decision put a strain on my relationship and created a different dynamic in our partnership than other who had to manage a household with children. Ultimately I’m happy with my contributions in the world and I feel like even with the hardships my career created for the rest of my great stores, I was able to integrate them all together in the best way possible.

Here lies a hardworking wife with a passion for helping others

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