Cat in Snow

Inspired by Maki Kliman

Cat: 11:30am (sleeping on computer chair; Daytime, sun is shining): Man it’s bright. Just finished my mid morning nap on the spinning chair, maybe I’ll get up and engage. Girl is here. I like the girl. What is she doing? Moving stuff and making noise? Hard pass (falls back asleep)

Cat: 11:45am (lifts up its head) Girl moved, what is she doing? Sitting, I like when she sits, I like laying in her lap and she gives the best face scratches. I’m going to check it out. (walks over to the girl) She’s rolling the “joint” that dad always rolls and smokes. She’s heading upstairs, should I follow? Why not.

Cat: 11:48am (walks up the stairs) Weird bag on the stairs, looks like it should be scratched, scratch scratch scratch (cat scratches a cloth bag at the top of the stairs). Girl is smoking on the cuddle chair, is the door open? Cold air is coming from there. Should I go and smell it? Smelling it always helps me figure it out

Cat: 11:50am (gingerly walks to the door and sniffs the edges) Smelling it. Smells okay. It’s a lot warmer in here than out there, but there’s cool stuff outside. I’m going to go, hopefully the girl doesn’t close the door and I get trapped outside, I don’t think she will, she seems nice

Cat: 11:50am (walks outside on to the patio that is covered in melting snow) Grounds safe over here, cool. White stuff (touches the snow and brings paw back) cold. Ooh, Avoid the white stuff, fun!

Cat: 11:52am (looking around) Woah is that smoke coming off the ground? Why is it doing that? Smell it. Doesn’t really smell like anything. Ok then stare at it, definitely stare at it. Stare at it, Stare at it. Is the white stuff causing the smoke? Is it burning the ground? Is that smoke and water? Like smokater…like smoker, pshh mind blown. Ok moving on, i’m going to check out the end of the patio and then head back

Cat:11:53am Check the door, make sure the girl didn’t shut the door, make sure i’m not trapped outside, door looks open, smell the door, make sure it’s still open, doors still open

Cat: 11:54am (walking under a mish mash of patio furniture) Under the tall chair, let’s duck under the small chair, avoid the white stuff, smell the chair, smells the same, under the table, nothing spectacular over here, maybe i’ll head back and sit under that tall chair on the other side of the patio. Under the small chair, don’t touch the white stuff, under the tall chair, squeeze under the legs, woah I can arch my back like that, crazy. Quick door check.

Cat: 11:57am (sitting under the barstool on the opposite side of the patio) Chill here for a while and look around. (Looking around, eyes darting pupils small from the bright sunlight) Look around, look around, what do you see. Door check, check the door, look around (Sees icicle hanging from roof) Wooooaaah, what is that? Pointy crystal. Dripping, something that looks like water. and it’s hanging. WTF. Can I get up there to smell it? need to smell it. Ugh, no. Then stare at it, if I stare at it I’ll figure out what it is. It keeps dripping water. (stares)

Cat: 12:05pm: Ok it’s cold. (walks back in): Ooh, girl’s lap is calling to me (jumps up to the girls lap) Sun in my face, get comfortable, so sleepy (snow falls from roof outside with a thump) What was that? (lifts head) Meh. She’s getting good at belly rubs and I usually hate when humans touch my belly. (sleeps).

The End

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