More Than Just an Ad

In this 2013 Superbowl ad, a man sees another man on his lawn with a goat eating Doritos and a sign saying “Goat 4 Sale.” The man buys the goat and first loves eating Doritos with him. The man has a ton of bags of Doritos, but is irritated about the goat eating Doritos 156 bags later, which kept him up at night. The next day he takes all the Doritos bags away and the goat freaks out, then finds the man with all the Doritos and a sign saying “Goat 4 Sale.”

I think this commercial targets pretty much everyone but I could argue it targets a younger audience because of it’s humorous tone.

The brand being promoted in this commercial, Doritos, appears immediately and is shown in almost every scene. The brand is shown by both the man and goat eating the chips.

The first image of the man on his lawn selling the goat to the main character is the exposition. The rising action is the man beginning to get annoyed at the goat for continuously eating Doritos. The climax is when the man takes away all the Doritos and the goat freaks out. When the goat finds the man with the Doritos and sign in his room, the goat closes the door behind him to hint at a resolution for this story.

This Superbowl ad is about a group of elderly men and women who sneak out of their retirement home to party and be wild. The commercial ends with them going to eat late night at Taco Bell before returning home.

I think this commercial targets a young adult audience because they understand all these things the elderly are doing and can enjoy it’s humorous tone. I also think it could appeal to an older audience to try and get them to want to buy Taco Bell products because it’s young and cool.

The brand isn’t identified until the end of the commercial when the elderly are eating Taco Bell in the parking lot.

The exposition is the nurse saying goodnight to the elderly man. The rising action is him sneaking out with his friends, getting tattoos, hitting the club, etc. The climax is when they’re in the Taco Bell parking lot eating and the cops slowly roll by and stare at them. The resolution was them laughing and then walking back into the retirement home.

I think the Doritos ad had a stronger narrative because it directly used the product in every act of the story. Although, I think they both did a great job keeping the attention of the viewer. They both had interesting and entertaining story lines. I actually feel like more people would share the Viva Young commercial because the thought of elderly people acting like that is entertaining for many generations.