Your Wishes Delivered: Driver a Day Spotlight

This UPS television commercial, “Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day,” was created in December 2014. The commercial’s story is singular, but is also a part of the “Your Wishes Delivered” commerical series and promotion. The Wishes Delivered program and commerical series is a donation-based promotion in which the company grants wishes to some of their customers. If customers submitted their wishes on UPS’s website or used the hashtag #WishesDelievered, UPS would donate $1 to The Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club of America, or Toys for Tots. After that, UPS decided to grant some of the wishes, such as 4 year-old Carson from Colorado Springs.

This commercial tells the story of Carson, who loves trucks but is especially intrigued by UPS trucks, and gets very excited whenever the UPS truck driver, Ernie, delivers to his house every week. UPS grants the boy’s wish by delivering him a miniature UPS truck and letting him be a UPS delivery driver for a day. This is a factual story from real life. Although the story is real, UPS created and paid for Carson’s wish to be granted, as well as the commercial itself. This is clearly labeled by the link and in the description of the video on Youtube.

The story of Carson’s wish is similar to other content from the organization due to the other videos about wishes being delivered. It’s a part of a larger campaign to grant customer wishes as well as raise money for various charities during the holiday season.

Not only is this story real, but it also showcases the power of UPS delivering packages and the joy they can bring to people. The story has genuine and heartfelt emotion that leaves the audience feeling truly happy for Carson getting to experience his wish. It’s also very original in the fact that they used real people, who have a real story about enjoying the company’s service, rather than use actors.

FedEx has used some similar techniques by telling personal stories about how their delivery service positively affects their customer’s lives. Although, no other similar organization has taken the personal storytelling strategy further by directly granting their customer’s wishes through their commercials.

“Driver for a Day” has gotten extremely positive and widespread feedback. The Youtube video has gotten over 3 million views and has been posted about on many news sites such as Today, People, and Huffington Post. The commercial was even called “content gold” by ThisMoment’s content marketing blog.

The video has been posted on various social media sites such as Twitter, by viewers who expressed how heartfelt the commercial was and how much they loved it. A Colorado news channel even covered the story by showing footage of Carson reuniting with Ernie, who no longer delivers to Carson’s neighborhood. The news channel showed Carson with a bunch of other UPS drivers as well, who explained the positive impact he has on all of them.

One of the biggest lessons that other organizations can take away with this commercial is how powerful a real story is. The fact that Carson had true joy for UPS and driver Ernie shows viewers how authentic UPS is and how much they care about their customers. Another lesson would be to use charity and giving back as a way to make your company viewed positively. Not only did UPS donate $1 per tweet to a variety of charities, but they took it one step further and granted wishes to some customers. This is another great way of showing consumers how much UPS cares about people and getting their packages to them.

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