We came Here For Frank And Got Andre For Free

We are gonna talk about how Andre 3000 stopped through Frank Ocean’s living room real quick, offered the social commentary of the decade, hit us with so many double and triple entendres/metaphors/puns/word play that it will take most of us a while to get back on our feet, called out all of these rappers, and left us silent for a good 5 mins in one verse. My friend and I stopped everything to be able to take in everything the man just sad to us. I’m going to break this down real quick. His verse is as follows:



So now I’m so low

that I can see under the skirt of an ant

So low that I don’t get high no more

when I go Geronimo I just go Ham

So low my cup is a rojo

My cholo, my friend

Solo that I can admit

When I hear that another kid is shot by the po po

It ain’t an event

(He’s so down to earth and he is seeing things for what they really are. He doesn’t get high before he “jumps” anymore, he makes his move without the influence of weed and off of his own strength. So low his cup is rojo, which is red in Spanish. So low he drinks out of red cups, simple nothing flashy and solo cups and the brand of red cups most people use * word play crazy*. My cholo is almost like my nigga but in spanish. So low that he can admit that when another black child is killed by the police its not surprising or something that he didn’t expect because it happens so often.)

And no more

So low that no more high horses

So hard they wear polo

When I do I cut the pony off

Now there’s a hole that once was a logo

How fitting

(And it can’t happen anymore. So low that he isn’t on his high horse anymore and he’s not to hard to wear polo/name brands and when he does he’s not going to be flashing labels or putting on. *Wordplay*- again How fitting, its fitting because he has reached a point in his life that all of the old things that mattered don’t matter so there is a hole, where he cut that shit out, just like that left after he cut the hole out and its fitting because he’s talking about clothes. He really just kept em coming.

So low that I could give a fuck about what is trending

Tryna cut down on my spending

Regardless of winning

Instead of pretending

(He doesn’t care about trends and what’s popular , he’s still being smart with his money even tough he’s already accomplished so much and is who he is, he’s still being wise and not pretending to be something he’s not as society demands. There is not need to front, he is a major artist a legend and he’ still not doing it.)

And bending over backwards

Over half of these hoes had work done

Saying they want something real from a man

Just saying that we being real persons

(Doing entirely too much to be seen as acceptable and fit into this mold created by Society. More and more women are feeling the need to alter themselves, get nose jobs, implants etc. Society is pushing an altered look and making girls think they need to get work done and aren’t worthy without it. All the while they want a “real man” or what they perceive that to be, what they are told to want. He is saying we are all human and need to keep that in mind. )

I hate that its like this I feel for you and

I don’t know what its like with a skirt on

So pardon me if I am being insensitive

But darling this only


(He hates that this is how women are feeling they need to be to succeed and he can’t understand or know how hard it is to be a woman so he doesn’t mean to offend anyone but it just keeps getting worse so he’s going to say something.)

So low my halo

Stay way low like its bent

So low when they throw pussy on pesos

Don’t pay know attention to it

(So low that he’s not perfect and sometimes its hard to stay right. He’s not impressed with pussy for profit**take how you will**)

So low that I am no rookie but feel like a kid

Looking at the other kids

With astonishment

While I’m on punishment

Watchin the summer come close to an end

(He been in the game for 20 years but he feels like he’s looking around and he’s out of the game, he can’t play anymore and is on punishment. He is looking around the industry in awe at what is going on. Summer is coming to an end, the good days of hip hop are coming to an end and all he can do is just watch. )

After 20 years in

I’m so naïve I was under the im-

Pression that everyone wrote their own verses

It’s coming back different

And yea that shit hurts me

I’m humming and whistling

To those not deserving

I stumbled and limped every word

Was I working just way too hard

(After 20 years in the game he was naïve and thought that writing your own material and being an artist was the standard and not optional. More and more people are just making catchy beats we can bob our head to without substance. He even finds himself singing and humming songs by people who have put no work in.

He struggled and fought for his place in the music industry, created and perfected his craft, now he’s wondering if he had to go that hard and was it worth it because new artist just coming with a track and no substance and don’t respect the hard work and realness. He stumbled and limped and these new niggas just walking in. )

Then he just drops mic on us. I’m just going to sit here for a while.