Shared Delight

I always knew how much I needed

my mother,

but it wasn’t until having you

I realized how much she

needed, needs me


The shared delight of it all.

For instance.

This afternoon, I put on your favorite song to sing to you.

And you laughed, and laughed

as if to say, again mama, again.

I would sing

forever for you,

my baby. Again and again.

The delight.

And this evening, when I stayed up late because we are with my mama and we were talking about cooking, and mothering,

and living.

At twilight,

I came up to my childhood room where you slept.

You heard me, of course.

I swept you up.

You finding your way,

my hand resting on your head.

Your hand on my chest.

The shared delight.

Again and again.

I knew I needed my mom,

but she also needs


baby girl.

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