Miasmatic Homeopathy is relevant for permanent change in the incidence of stuttering and ticks. An active tubercular miasm is often responsible for the recurrence and severity.

Recently, Ruby came into my care with stuttering and facial ticks. She had just turned 4 and the stuttering was now becoming more frequent…

I work with families that are in turmoil after receiving diagnosis for their children. Whether the diagnosis is of illness or autism or various other ailments.

What I witness is a process of grief. A process of loss as the family has to let go of the dreams that they…

Homeopathic Medicine revolves around the idea that your body has the power to heal itself! We spend our lives feeding our body things that do not serve us and exposing ourselves to things that harm us. Overtime, our bodies start to reject unhealthy practices.

Pain, illness, discomfort, and disease are symptoms of a larger problem. Your body is sending you a message that it’s time to get back to basics.

Exploring Homeopathic Medicine means treating your body kindly and strategically, with natural foods and remedies, proven to reverse the negative effects you’re feeling.

In short — Homeopathic Medicine gives your body the ability to return to a healthy state, naturally.

When your diet consist of more than 75% raw foods, here are just some of the improvements likely to happen to you.

* More energy

* Up to 3 hours less sleep

* Weight loss

* More beautiful skin

* Clarity of mind and better memory

* Improved immune system

* Improved fertility

*Prevent or even reverse diabetes

You can EAT your way to better health!


This is something I am asked every day in my practice. Homoeopathic Remedies should be kept in a dry, dark, cool place away from sunlight and strong odors. As they are energetic, they are sensitive to radiation, particularly mobile phones, microwave ovens, and other household appliances.

If you find that your remedies are not working consistently, it may be because radiation has canceled out their healing properties. It is also best to keep them away from odors such as coffee, essential oils, camphor, and anything minty, such as peppermint, chewing gum, and toothpaste.

When taking your remedies, take them half an hour away from mints, cleaning your teeth, and coffee. You will get the best results this way.

Is anyone else horrified by the food wastage since this pandemic! This is NOT a new issue. It’s predicted that 40% of the produce grown in the USA is dumped and this statistic has only increased since the ‘plandemic’ started. This is just INFURIATING!

World hunger is still one of…

Unfortunately, depression, anxiety, and despair are experienced by us all. Unfortunately, it’s the elderly that are equally as high risk as young and middle-aged people but they are ignored, dismissed, and often forgotten about.

Out of sight is out of mind and we in the west have a different approach…

I work with many many teenagers and adults who are still struggling to look in the mirror and feel confident because of acne. Whether it’s hormonal, hereditary or diet-related Homeopathic Medicine is effective and FAST to bring relief and heal the skin.

Like all conditions, we treat the CAUSE and…

Nicole Cunningham

Homeopathic Health Practitioner, 7000 patients and counting, Clinic in the Cloud for 11 out of 17 years in private practice. www.speakwithnicole.com

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