Introducing my “Tiny” series

I’m out of practice. I haven’t written, beyond professionally or in my journal, in nearly 3 years. I figured it has been far too long, and as I enter this new chapter in my professional life, I want to complement my work with my personal commentary on related issues.

Despite my desire to write, I still find it impossible to find the time to do it. But I always manage to have bursts of mental energy or mini revelations that I don’t want to waste away in my head never to be looked at again.

So aligned with my renewed focus on technology, and in the spirit of incremental change and working in “beta”, I am finally writing again. This time in “tinies” — short, but hopefully thoughtful, pieces documenting the things that provoked me to think and reflect and think again.

Right now, my only objective is to push myself to flesh out some of my ideas. Perhaps in the future I will see if any of these tiny ramblings are useful to others and determine how to best improve their utility.

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