Tiny #3: Strategy is about playing the long game.

To be strategic. Honestly, what does that mean? I think many of us hear the word, and think: constant scheming or quick, smart moves to push ahead.

It’s clear to me now. Strategy is not about maneuvering to shake things up, it is about playing the long game to shift incrementally toward something big. It is moving pieces of the domino line ever so slightly to line up the perfect move to eventually knock them down.

The knock down may not come often, so one has to be patient. Patience is not my greatest virtue. I am always ancy for change and easy to bore. So how did I become strategic?

Professionally, I’ve accepted that the world is complex and changing governance systems is a long long long battle. I don’t think I’ve applied that lesson to my personal life. I, like many, find myself wanting immediate satisfaction — food, travel, fun — but as I get older, I am starting to learn: 
Slow and steady wins the race.

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