Time To Tweet (My First Twitter Chat!)

Today, I participated in my first Twitter chat, #bufferchat. The past two days I’d been trying to participate it one, but each time I tried the chats were cancelled. I was at wits’ end after multiple complications and multiple “disasters” over the course of the week, but I’m happy to say that I gave it another shot and things finally worked out. Of course, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

The first thing I noticed was the speed at which the tweets were coming across my feed. How in the world was I going to keep up with these people? Lucky for me, I remembered TweetDeck! What’s that, you may ask. Well, it’s basically a social media management site that makes you’re life a million times easier, especially during Twitter chats.

So, I logged onto TweetDeck and followed the thread. I introduced myself and made a few acquaintances, too. One of my new friends, ‪@MindofaDiva‪ , talked with me about studying journalism in college and how she started blogging. I told her I’ve been interested but never know what to blog about. She gave me the most simple but helpful advice: “‪@nicole_kocian‪ I would blog about what you like and something that interest you. It makes it more fun and keeps you interested. #bufferchat.” She is definitely right! Sometimes I worry too much about professionalism and about how everything I do should be career-oriented that I forget to have some outlets just for fun.

Buffer was the moderator, and today’s topic was Instagram stories. I was happy to see a lot of people were new to Twitter chatting and a lot were veterans of Twitter chatting, too. This way I didn’t feel so clueless and alone. I jumped right in answering questions, using what I know about social media management to answer them.

We discussed the following topics:

· Favorite types of Instagram stories: My answer was behind-the-scenes stories for cooking and baking.

· Liking spontaneous or planned stories more: I like a mixture of both depending on the content, but I definitely like a mixture to get a sneak peek into someone’s life.

· What techniques help create engaging stories: I haven’t used Instagram Stories yet, but I asked for tips!

· How to keep your audience watching until the end of a story: I think alternating between pictures and videos and leacing suspense between clips holds my attention.

· What calls to action are good to have in a story: I am a sucker for giveaways! They always keep me engaged and ready to take action.

· What story takeovers do for your brand: I think takeovers add value to your brand by expanding social reach to new audiences. The best way to make this work for you is by picking a co-host strategically.

· What accounts are your favorites to follow and why: My favorite accounts to watch are always foodies and fitness gurus. Obviously, I need the second obsession to balance out the first!

A couple of my favorite tips from the chat include:

· In regards to how many parts of a story are enough, ‪@ATSocialTweets ‪said, “‪@buffer‪ I think I’m happy to watch about 4 or 5 before I lose interest. Play it by how you would react. #bufferchat.”

· Answering whether impromptu or planned stories are better, ‪@rouxroamer ‪said, “A2 Impromptu gives me more a taste of what life is really like. Too often we hide behind the happy faces. ‪#bufferchat.”

Needless to say, my worries were all for nothing! I CAN Twitter Chat, and I can do it well! ;) I learned so much, made new connections and had a ton of fun in the process. Can’t wait until the next chat! If you’re interested in this chat, it is every Wednesday at noon.

Thanks for reading,