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Too Tired to Hustle 

If we can all agree on one thing about the jobs of the future, it is that they are going to take hustle. Gonna have to be creative, go viral, create buzz, be…

When Your Child Can’t Compete

Those bumper stickers that read, “My karate star can beat up your honors student”? Those sometimes make me cry. I’ve got neither a karate star nor an honors…

The Age of Inaction 

Explain Now to the Future Like I’m Five 

“So how old were you when people figured out they had really messed up the climate?”

No Cars on the Road

At A Crossroads With My Special Needs Child

My three-year-old son and I are on the floor. Bless his occupational therapist, but her daily home…

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.7

There were two schools of interpretation.

The first, the preferred, was that you were inquiring about me and Tacey: what was the nature of…

Zombies Make Us Value The Human

“Zombies are all the rage now: fast zombies, slow zombies, aimless zombies, aggressive blood-spitting zombies, classic supernatural zombies, pathogenic

Sweet Mary Pain: A Roller Derby Rosary 

Abel and Willing, Aversion Mary, Alma Geddon, Amen.

1. Consecration

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.6

You opened that note, I have to say, with the alacrity of a dog breaking free from a chain. It was a whole new side of you, a level of alertness entirely…

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.5

We thought at length about what message to write you. You seemed aware that you were watched.

You Are Good At Floating

Writing with My Special Needs Child

Now we have to make new letters, even though I really wish my son would cool down a little first (he is…

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.4

“I think she is a feral child.” This was the end result of our investigations.