Meet Chian Baumer: Student Life in Photos

Chian is a sophomore sociology major at Colorado State University studying to work in the criminal justice field. She is from Larkspur Colorado and is a cat lover. Between class and studying, she works two jobs and volunteers.

All photos are by Nicole Towne.

Chian works part-time as a manager at Cozzolas’ Harmony location in Fort Collins Colorado. She is seen preparing a pizza on April 15, 2017.
Chian is knowledgable about every step of the pizza process from making the dough to preparing and cooking the pizza.
Chian completes the final steps in the pizza process by slicing the pizza and boxing it up for delivery.
Resident assistant Chian Baumer stands in her hall 1 southeast in Edwawrds Hall. Her job as an resident assistance requires attending weekly meetings, hosting community building events and working to maintain a positive community for her residents.
Another duty as a resident assistant is to create monthly bulletin boards for her hall. Chian is creating her finals themed board.
Chian takes down her previous bulletin board about goal setting and sets up her new board with tips about how to be successful during finals. It also includes inspirational quotes.
Chian has been involved with the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center since her first year on campus. She is a peer mentor and volunteers for the program PALS (Participation, Awareness, Learning and sharing), where she and other APACC students works with elementary school children in the community.
Baumer poses with a colorful array of paper cranes hanging in the APACC office in the CSU Lory Student Center.
Chian sits with friends and enjoys food and presentations at the APACC Awards Ceremony on April 28, 2017 in the Lory Student Center.
Chian announces an award during the 2017 APACC Awards Ceremony.
Baumer attends Slamagadro’s third year poetry slam celebration at Avogadro’s Number on April 30, 2017.
Chian’s tattoo which reads “forever;” symbolizes being faced with personal challenges, but choosing to overcome them.