Bird ox

Bird ox is the most annoying stuff you can find outside. It sticks to all your clothes and your animals’ fur. My house is surrounded by fields and a little bit of woods, so there’s an abundance of this plant all around my house. It doesn’t really grow in my yard, except for around the edges. For some reason, my dogs just love finding this stuff. Instead of staying in the middle of our big yard and going to the bathroom there, they venture out to all the sides and even into the fields. Most of the time, they come back with bird ox all over their bellies and feet.

My one dog, a maltese, is the kind of breed that likes to have their nails painted and wear bows and other doggy clothes all the time. He is very high maintanence, which makes me not understand why he wants to go out in the fields and get all dirty. But the other day, he came back inside with bird ox branches all over his head. It was painful to even look at. The hair on his ears was all matted into it and some of the bird ox was stuck in the corner of his one eye. My dad and I had to cut almost all of it out and it took us so long to do. It was also obvious that this process hurt my dog because he kept flinching and trying to get away. There is now bald spots all over my dog’s head and the haircut we gave him looks absolutely terrible. I really hope he learned his lesson not to go near the plant again because I do not want to deal with bird ox anymore after that.

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