Flashback to the Day of Diesel

Lauren told me that the story of me putting diesel into my mom’s car came up at her Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I dont think I know a single person who doesn’t know the story, but if theres any of you who don’t know it, here’s how it happened:

I was driving my mom’s car to go to a soccer game last year. Before I left, she told me I need to put gas in the car because it was basically on E. I’ve never pumped gas before but I figured it should be easy to do. I stopped at the old Sunoco in Perth and pulled up to the pump that has both diesel and ethanol gas at it. I prepard inside for $15 and came back out to the pump. I hit the 87 button, but none of the numbers changed back to zero. So, I hit it a few more times and still nothing happened. I was really confused because that was suppose to be the right button. But then, I saw this big, flashy button off to the side. It was glowing and flashing green and said diesel on it. In my mind, diesel sounded like the right gas. I then hit the button and the numbers turned back to zero, so I figured this was actually the right gas and I was just hitting the wrong button before. I casually fill up the tank and drive down the road. Pretty soon, my car stopped running in the middle of the road and I had to floor the gas pedal just to pull off to the side. I thought maybe the battery died at first but then I had one of my friends come and try to help me and they said it was definitely not my button. Then, my dad showed up and he asked me what kind of gas I put in the car. In tears, I replied with “Diesel.” and thats when all hell broke loose. My dad was throwing a fit and I called my mom to tell her and she swore at my for the first time ever that day. Needless to say, it was a rough night at the Traver household.

The car was towed to a garage and luckily, the engine and lines were fixable. The mechanics flushed out everything and replaced a few parts. My dad told me I was paying the bill, so a few days later I pulled out $1,413.68 from my piggy bank to pay it off. I definitely learned how to pump gas the right way after that. Until this day, I’m still terrified to pull up to a pump that has the diesel button it.