Thanksgiving Break

This short break honestly sucked. I barely did anything with my friends and most of my days consisted of basketball and sleeping. I expected much more out of it, but nothing happened.

Tuesday night, me and my friends all hung out. Sadly, this was the only time I got to see all of them. On Wednesday, I had a scrimmage for basketball and then went home to sleep for most of the day. I tried to clean out my closet later on that night but it was just too messy to handle. So, I took everything and threw it into the middle of my room and then gave up.

Thursday was a boring Thanksgiving. I slept in until the last minute possible before I had to get ready. I went to my aunt’s house and saw most of my family, but my cousins are too old to want to talk to me so I kind of just sat there on my phone most of the time. When somebody asked me what was new, I usually told them how my volleyball team went to states and the only reply I got out of my family members was “Oh thats cool.” and then they walked away. After my aunt’s house, I went to my grandma’s house on the other side of the family and took a short nap. After I woke up, I went to Target with my mom and siblings for black friday shopping. It wasn’t as hectic as it was last year, but there was still a lot of people. The only good that came out of this trip is that I bought my mom her Christmas presents and I got the iphone 6.

Friday, I finally finished cleaning out my closet and dresser drawers, which was literally an all day project. It was so messy that my floor was nonexistent. After that, I had basketball practice for a very long two and a half hours. The time just dragged by. Then, Lauren and Keyana came over to spend the night. All we did was eat food and then go to bed early because we were exhausted.

Saturday, we had a three-way scrimmage for basketball against Fonda and Corinth. My coach flat out told us we sucked at first, but then play fantastic by the end. After that, I did nothing but lay on the couch for the rest of the day and play Trivia Crack on my phone and watch TV.

Now, it’s Sunday. I had pracitce at 7 this morning, which actually seemed to go by quick. Then, I took a long nap before decorating our Christmas tree and stuffing my face with food. I can tell that the rest of my day is going to be spent doing homework and then watching The Walking Dead later on.

So yeah, this vacation was pretty boring.

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