Why Visiting your Grandma is Always a Good Idea

My grandma is really old and can’t move around that much anymore. She needs help with things like vacuuming, changing sheets on beds, and moving boxes and other rather large objects around. So today, she asked me to go over and help her out.

I thought I was going to have to clean her entire house, like vacuum all the rooms, dust the tables, do dishes, and make the beds. But when I got there, all I did was move two boxes into a different room and change the sheets on one bed. Then, my grandma cooked me lunch. I was there for 20 minutes and all I did was two things and had a homecooked lunch. She gave me $20 just for coming and doing that stuff. I definitely did not deserve the money because I should be helping her out since she’s old, and the amount of work I did was not worth $20. But this is why visiting your grandma is always a good thing. You get a lot of money and free food for basically doing nothing. And, it makes your grandma happy as well.