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When you’re exclusively breastfeeding and your baby is crying, there’s a thing called a let-down. It’s your body responding to your baby’s cries and your milk starts flowing. Been there, done that. So when you’re out and about with your baby and you have been nursing since day 1, then the baby starts crying, oh you better believe that your breasts will start leaking. Even when I wasn’t with any of my babies and I would hear a baby crying, my breasts started leaking. It’s nature. So no, pumping beforehand is not going to work in this situation. You’re better off finding a place to sit, pop that breast out, and shove it in your infant’s mouth because hunger.

Boobs are not for men to oogle and for women to be offended by…they’re for feeding children. If breastfeeding is partial nudity and offensive…do you react the same way towards men who take their shirts off? I mean..since we’re on the subject of partial nudity…

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