Design and Happiness

Before I write about design and happiness, I’m going to say this: writing daily is hard, man. I seem to be so busy lately and I only end up writing my articles at 11.30PM before the clock strikes midnight and I turn into a pumpkin.

It’s not a good thing.

I think I need to pay more attention in my day to day life in order to find inspiration for my writing. Surely the fact I am so busy should do something for my inspiration but it is not the case.

I also need to write in my private journal on a daily basis. I think that might help. Oh, and write 10 ideas a day.

I’m trying to find a thesis topic and it’s so difficult! I’ve spent the last two days reading and reading and reading and watching videos and reading and reading some more just to find a spark of inspiration that can morph into a really interesting topic.

I am now watching a TED talk by Stefan Seigmeister in which he, once again, goes over a list of things he has learnt in his life. I like them a lot. They give me feelings. Here they are:

  • Helping others helps me.
  • Having guts always works out for me.
  • Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now.
  • Starting a charity is surprisingly easy.
  • Being not truthful works against me.
  • Everything I do always comes back to me.
  • Assuming is stifling.
  • Drugs feel great in the beginning and become a drag later on.
  • Over time I get used to everything and start taking for granted.
  • Money does not make me happy.
  • Traveling alone is helpful for a new perspective on life.
  • Keeping a diary supports personal development.
  • Trying to look good limits my life.
  • Material luxuries are best enjoyed in small doses..
  • Worrying solves nothing.
  • Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.
  • Actually doing the things I set out to do increases my overall level of satisfaction.
  • Everybody thinks they are right.
  • Low expectations are a good strategy.
  • Whatever I want to explore professionally, it’s best to try it out for myself first.
  • Everybody who is honest is interesting.