The Only Three Books I’ll Ever Re-Read

Something I wouldn’t and don’t normally do

I love reading.

No, I love reading.

It is my favourite thing in the world to do. Send me away for the weekend with a bag full of books and you have made me so happy.

Now that you know that about me, know this: I am not the kind of person who will reread a book. Even if I loved it. There are so many books to read. There are so many books that I am never going to get around to reading in my lifetime and that hurts my heart. So instead of rereading books, I’d prefer to just read new ones to find more than I love.

However. There are three books. Only three. That I have read and will one day reread.

You must know how much I loved these books to want to reread them.

Here they are.

  1. Memoirs of a Geisha
  2. A Little Life
  3. The World According to Garp

If you’re read any of these books, tell me so we can gush over them together (or discuss them in a civilized fashion if your feelings were different to my own).

What are your top 3 favourite books? Tell me! I love book lists!