Why I Believe Open Organization wouldn’t work in a Trust Department

Before my philosophy of business class I would have never known what open organization was. In case somebody doesn’t know I’ll define it quick. An open organization is where everyone, including the CEO, hears everyone ideas to better help an innovate the company. This would create a great business where no matter who you are the best ideas are the ones used, not the idea of the one who is higher up. This works great in businesses, like Red Hat. I don’t believe this would be the best option in a trust department in a bank.

A trust department in a bank’s job is to look over a client’s wants with their finances and distribute accordingly in the correct areas. I believe the open organization concept would not work well with trust for 2 reasons.

#1: Your client is the one who controls where and who has access to their money

#2: Either you are dealing with a certain client alone or in a small team. This means any ideas you have either will be told to just your client or discussed with just your team and then to your client. Therefore, you don’t need any separate concept because its already happening.

With these reasons I believe there really is no reason to introduce open organization into a trust department. There just is no reason to or because, if you’re working in a team, its already happening. If you would like to research more on open organization please click on the link below