Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

Amanda, YES! This exactly summarizes how I have been feeling since that most scary Tuesday night. I would add that I find it completely horrific that my oldest daughter (13 and very aware and tuned in) is afraid for me to leave the house because she doesn’t want someone to target me in a hate crime. Even so, I am more out than ever… And, not in a militant man-hating-lesbian kind of way; though, that works for some people. But in more of a, “hey, this is my amazing girlfriend and these are my amazing kids and we love big even in the eyes of hate” kind of way because I realized that hiding our “altnerativeness” only fuels the hatred.

All that said, there’s one more thing. After reading this article, I pretty much want to be your BFF. I mean, second BFF to your wife, of course. Thanks for using your voice for this something that’s so gigantic and important.

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