Written: in Birmingham, UK; May 9–17,2016
Delivered: to Prague, CZ; February 28, 2017

Ahoj Nicole,

So, this is a letter that should find you in six months from now. And I hope it will.

I want you to remember how you felt when you were back in B’ham. Remember the faces, conversations, feelings. The night when there were about twenty people around the table, singing with you and admiring your voice. When people told you that they found you confident and independent. When out of all projects to work on you chose the one focusing on Islam awareness and dreams of a 19-year old Muslim, and it was awesome. Remember how productive, inspired, appreciated, thankful, and loved you felt. How you actually might have felt like you found yourself and your purpose, or at least got closer to it.

At this point, I honestly hope and wish that you will have moved (forward) from Prague (unless there’s been a significant change in your life that made you want to stay). I hope you’re done with your faith crisis and confusions about God, because I know how it feels now and it is NOT fun.

You’re better than you think, more capable than you’re willing to admit, and way more loved than you could imagine. People believe in you, it’s time for you to do it too.

I hope and pray that you’re happy, content and satisfied with your life. I hope you found the spark you’ve been looking for for so long, and that now you’re on your way to fulfill your dream, whatever it is (you did NOT know it when you wrote this).

Love the people around you. More and more every day. Remember Abdul, Francesca, Petros, Detty. Remember Masood and all he has done for you. Give hugs and kisses, and for goodness sake, stop worrying about what others think about you.

Swim against the stream (this is cheap, I know), you’re finding awesome souls when you do so.

I love you, dear. 
Now, tomorrow, always.


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