Pop The Bubble

My name is Nicole Caminiti, I am white, I am 23 years old, and I stand with Black Lives Matter.

There was a time where I was a part of the problem

There have been times where I have spoken out of ignorance

There have been times where I’ve been racially insensitive

I will not deny this, nor will I let it silence me. Instead, I will use my voice, my privilege, and my education to bring awareness to an issue that many of us, including myself, have brushed off in the past. Normalize changing. If you…

I am 23 years old and I grew up in Pecan Grove. I am white. Some of you know who I am because of my dad. His name was Ken Caminiti and he played for the Astros, which is why my family moved to PG before I was born. With that being said, I grew up very privileged and was handed almost every opportunity needed to succeed. I went to Pecan Grove Elementary from Kindergarten to 5th grade, attended Crockett Middle School, graduated from Travis High School, and just recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Having grown…

Nicole Caminiti

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