I’m Afraid to Share My Faith
John-Pierre Maeli

Sharing My Faith With Compassion

This post that John-Pierre Maeli’s wrote definitely hit home for me. I do believe there should be a balance, and people should be cognizant if they are one of the extremes.

I am like John-Pierre, I may not be as forward as I should be with the fact that I am a Christian. I share my faith with a selected few who respect me and who don’t judge me. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t share with more people.

After thinking about it, I realized that one of my fears is that I will be perceived as an obnoxious believer. People can believe any way they want, that’s their right, and I don’t judge. However, obnoxious believers make non believers feel awkward. The last thing I want to do is make my belief in God uncomfortable for anyone.

I want my friends to see the good things having faith can do and the good it can do for humanity. One of the primary reasons I started to write about it!