It’s Friday and I’m in Love

I’m in love with my writing
I’m in love with my persistence
I’m in love with my new life

I don’t have a perfect life
Or win a lottery
Actually, I’m chasing a dream now
A scary and complicated way to live my life
Making a living from my writing

But doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the little things
I have to
Otherwise, I’ll only feel the fear
And the odd against me

Instead of thinking all the things that could be wrong
All the goals I still have to achieve
I’m just grateful for another week
With a few challenges
Some mistakes
A lot of learning

That’s the way to start a new day
Full of chances
Just waiting for you to give the first step

Although The Cure’s song is great
Don’t be in love just on Friday
It’s a good day for sure
When the weekend approaches and everything seems to be possible

Yet you can do many things in order days too
When you’re in love you feel that anything is possible
So let’s be in love for all days in the week
And make a better life for yourselves

******************************************************************Nicole Chaves is a writer and an entrepreneur. She created a new writing methodology, The 29 Chapters, combining her passions, management and writing. Now, she started the journey to be a full time writer!

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