Love Letter To My Characters

Dear Characters,

I want to thank you for everything
Every day you spend with me
Every sad moment that you transform into happy ones
Every anxiety hour that you made more bearable
I’m a lucky writer to have you

I also want to apologize
I know that sometimes I can be bossy
You decide to go in certain direction
But I won’t let you since it’s not good for the story

I’m sorry for all the pain you are going through
That’s life

I can’t be a bear mom that won’t let you suffer
That’s how you know you are also human
Even although you only lives in my imagination
And in the head of all my readers

I just want to know how important you are to me
I love you so much that I can feel everything that you feel

So don’t give up me
Or to your journey
I’ll be on your side all the wall
Cheering for you
Crying with you
And loving you every single moment

******************************************************************Nicole Chaves is a writer and an entrepreneur. She created a new writing methodology, The 29 Chapters, combining her passions, management and writing. Now, she started the journey to be a full time writer!

Do you want to know more about me? Just check my website — or follow me on Twitter — @nicolechaves

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