The First Day Of The Rest Of My New Life

Jericoacoara’s Beach — Ceara/Brazil

So, today I start a new life.
Yep, no more traditional jobs for me.

I had my share and I’m done.
I understand that there are people who love this way to live. 
Actually, for a long time, I found that I would love live like that.

Great job, big company and make a career.

Well, after 10 years working in this model, I have to confess: I’m disappointed!

Sure, there was great moments in this journey.

I learned a lot. I met wonderful people and also the worst you can find in the job market.

But there is a time when everything is the same. All the bureaucracy and the rules that try to make you less human.

Look, I love methods and rules. But there’s always a limit people!

And when you stop learning, it’s time to do something different. For me, if you stop learn, you die faster.

So, this is it! I’m a new person know.

I’m a woman looking for meaning through my work. Contributing to the society and with an insane desire to help and inspire people.

And, of course, share values with knowledge.

How I’m going to do that? I’m a writer now. Full time. I just need to find a way to make a living with this. I know that won’t be easy.

Fortunately, I love challenges.

And I’ll be here, day after day, telling all about my new life.

Come and join me on this new journey!

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  • Nicole Chaves is a writer and an entrepreneur. She created a new writing methodology, The 29 Chapters, combining her passions, management and writing. Now, she started the journey to be a full time writer!
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