The Massive Love

She gave me life
And take care of me when I couldn’t even think I need it

She gave me light
Teaching me all the important things
Especially how love is great and the most wonderful feeling in the world

She stood up for me
Although I wasn’t always right 
Lecture me how to be better

She isn’t perfect
But all her mistakes was an attempt to do the right thing
And now I can forgive her
Like she was always giving me forgiveness

She’s is everything
And I’m nothing without her

I’m a writer
However, I’m speechless to talk about her
How can you define something that isn’t logic?
You can’t.

Because she’s all about emotions
She’s the definition of love
The massive love that only her can give you

And in a special date like today
The only thing I can is…
Mom, I love you!

******************************************************************Nicole Chaves is a writer and an entrepreneur. She created a new writing methodology, The 29 Chapters, combining her passions, management and writing. Now, she started the journey to be a full time writer!

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