You’re my Person

When I met you I didn’t imagine that one day you would become my person

The person that I can rely on
The person that I trust to talk about my deepest fears
The person that even in distance is a good friend

When we met again
I felt like the old times
I can talk to you about anything
And you would support me

It’s strange to think that we got close because a tv show
But maybe this is exactly you’re my person
Who can understand better my love for stories besides another lover of stories, right?

Seasons has passed
New stories are coming
And we’re still in the same syntony
We’re friends
No matter what

There are no words enough to say
How much I’m grateful for having your friendship
How much I wish you all the best in life
How much I love you

So, my dear friend
Don’t forget about me
Even when distance separate us again
Because you’re my person ❤

******************************************************************Nicole Chaves is a writer and an entrepreneur. She created a new writing methodology, The 29 Chapters, combining her passions, management and writing. Now, she started the journey to be a full time writer!

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