Coming up for air

I finally realised what I needed was to work on that novel I really, really wanted to be writing.

The writing process can be both so exhilarating as well as daunting. I’m observing within myself, it’s just as emotional, if not more, when a writer places themselves in that headspace – or is it just me?

Like I’m literally back here on Medium right now for some light-hearted sharing!

The depths to which you can go in prose; of course poetry is just as beautiful. For me I’ve always written poetry as a more immediate emotional release, but prose takes a whole other kind of energy.

In a sense, with prose, and in particular novel writing, it’s like you’re diving into a movie. But even more.

I don’t know if it’s the same for others, for me right now it is and I get overwhelmed with my own plot! As it thickens…! Ooh-ahhh! (Haha…)

It’s actually that Shadow character that’s got me suddenly really overwhelmed. – SO EVIL. Why am I writing this?!

Subconscious reflections within to my own Shadow Selves or a disappointing Truth-Observation of the “Evil” that is inherent in our world? (Or both?)

Do I even believe in Evil? I’m not consciously sure but for now that word is convenient, particularly in the construct of a typical novel.

I’m not trying to be the next J.K. Rowling in my writing, I’m just writing this for my own emotional processing more than anything.

Yet I see it. Do you see it?

I wonder how J.K. felt when she had to write out all those lines about and on behalf of Voldemort. Do you draw upon your experiences of others? Horrible news or other stories you’ve been exposed to? Or is there some form of acknowledgement that even that Potential for Evil might actually reside within you as well?

That many of us are living our lives based on a series of synchronistic circumstances… so what about these evil characters?

Like Tom Riddle… he had a childhood. He had an innocence.

Swimming in these muddy waters of the human subconscious and I am about to dive deeper again…