Puppies are a bundle of joy

Today I volunteered with a local animal welfare organisation. (I won’t specify, it’s not to promote any specific one, in fact if you’re reading this and feel inspired to help out any one that is your local one, that’s great!)

I felt the groundedness within my being, the realities of the world that we live in. Yes, they were adorable, innocent, sweet and had that euphoric puppy smell.

Upon enquiry, their story was as with many of their stories, examples of when humans do seemingly senseless actions. (Again, I don’t want to go into specifics cos I’m not representing them in my Medium writing intentions).

You could imagine whatever reason it is. Look it up on various websites. The word I still associate is “senseless” – without actually spelling out profanities.

When I get to cuddle a puppy, I’m sure it’s satisfying some form of maternal cravings I have within me. There may even be similar feel-good hormones being released within my brain chemistry.

I feel that we as humans now do have a responsibility, not only towards ourselves but also for those who are Voiceless.

A puppy cannot tell you what it’s been through. We can only imagine or state some facts about a series of circumstances. Yet we long for that feeling with their presence, the unconditional love and acceptance.

A channel for the divine; a sweet little fur-Angel. Full of optimism and trust despite all odds. No animal deserves to be abandoned or bred for evil purposes.