Universal Pain

People always ask me what I learned when I go away, if I came to any sort of realization that nobody else has come to justice at my age yet. I question it, I question myself, everyday I wonder if I was pushed into these scenarios that should have made me change. I’m supposed to be happy and feel blessed everyday right? I’m supposed to have seen such bad conditions that I am so grateful to live where I do, have the life I do. But wanna know what I really learned? The boring real truth is that I learned how to deal with it. I learned that pain is universal, it’s trageically what brings people together as well as completely tears people apart. I think you can be really poor and really sad, but I also think you can be really rich and really sad. Its common to lose someone in death, its common to be poor and its common to be rich. Everyone has different stories, different lives, different moments to be embraced and to be shut down. Every single person though, every soul and mind and heart feels the internal break of their heart at some point in this life. Pain is universal, its what makes us love and makes us hate. It is what surrounds our every thoughts and every day. Feeling pain, getting away from pain, pushing through pain. We all have something that takes that pain away, now I know what mine is. Whats yours?