Figuring It Out ( 1.)

Talking to myself

Q: What do you want do?

Not your dream job. I mean, what do you want to do on a daily-weekly basis for the majority of your life?

Well… I want to experience things. All sorts of different things. I want to read all kinds of different books and explore interesting parts of the world.

Notice the question says what do you want to do.

I could go on, and on, and on about all the things I want to have in life. I don’t need a huge house, but I do want a sun room, a back yard, maybe a country house, and a loft in a city…. on and on. Focus on what you want to do.

(Okay, I got a little dreamy with my response, so let’s dial it in a little more.)

Q: What do you want to do? On a daily-weekly basis.

Hmmm… I want to socialize with people. Not minimally, but also not all the time. I do require a significant amount of alone time. I want to exercise, be active. I enjoy being outside. I like to staying busy and working with office supplies for some reason. I’m really great at organizing things. I am not good with monotony. I thrive in project-based environments.

I’m going to press the fast forward button here, because I think I’ve figured out what I want to do. In a roundabout sense:

I dig vibes.

I want to throw artsy/conscious/liberating events, connect with and connect people who share the same vibes as me. And different vibes. All kinds of vibes, but definitely artsy/conscious and liberating vibes. I want to share art, knowledge, alternative perspectives, and good vibes.

So on that note, I encourage you to figure out what you wanna do. Think about it every day. Write it down. Re-write it. Pursue it.

I read a quote somewhere that you could either, “farther someone else’s dream or farther your own.” It’s never left me.