You know, I never bought any of this. Not the right way, or the wrong way, or the rules, or how most things are actually supposed to be.

I’ve always wondered who “they…” are; that’s something I’ve always wondered. Seems irrelevant now… like most things I could sit and wonder.

A thousand, thousand realms of things, it’s interesting. I’m vague, and everything after but is bullshit. No one understands me, although I had someone tell me that I distance myself from people. Which is true.

Most things are true in some way; vague right? My ex boyfriend keeps telling me I talk a lot, but I’m never really saying anything.

We’re living in the future. Everything is interesting. I care and I don’t care. What else can I say except that and what I mean?? And it’s vague.

I play this game with myself where I evaluate just plain and simple truths about my life. Just sentences about myself. True sentences. It’s interesting. And if I don’t like the sentences, I change them.

Simple but actually difficult I guess, I do have a habit of making things difficult, I do.. over-complicate. But only because I think most everything in life is over complicated. It’s exhausting, or rather people make it all exhausting. I know that I can only say things about myself so what does that mean for me? Freakin. Exhausting.

Better to just not go there. Stay centered. Take deep breathes. And the problem with that is that I get sleep paralysis sometimes and it’s terrifying so I don’t want to get into the habit of depending on deep breathes.


It’s nuts.

Vague Nuts.

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