Move in Day: Biography

An Image of a dorm room.

I heaved my heavy bags up three flights of stairs and into a small unfamiliar room. In the corner, there was a sink, the floor was dingy and tiled. On the wall to my right there was 2 built in closets,2 desks, and 2 upper storage combinations. The wall in front of me was adorned with 2 big windows. And the wall on the left had identical twin size beds.

My mom enters the room with a watery smile

“Hey baby, your dad is about to bring the rest of your stuff up.” I nod my head and begin to unpack my bags.

My father enters with more things, and the room begins to feels extremely closed in. My mother sees the look on my face, and helps me unpack. Before I know it my side of the room is complete.

Twinkle lights adorn the walls above and around my desk, as well as above my bed.My father helps me hang photos between the twinkle lights of my desk, so my room feels homey.

My decorative pillows are fluffed, and my comforter tucked. My mother made the bed so neatly, that my bed is deserves to be in a hotel room.

I walk down stairs and outside of my building with my parents. My father gives me a hug and a kiss before walking in the opposite direction of me and my mom to get to his car.

I walk my mom to her car and hold her hand. I open the door for her, and when she tries to get in the car I don’t let go. She looks at me, and I drop her hand, and she scoops me into her arms.

“I’m going to miss you.” I cry.

“I’m going to miss you too. What am I going to do without my baby?” She says as she wipes my tears. I hug her one more time and she gets into the car. When her car’s too far to see in the distance I go back into my dorm.

This is my first time truly being on my own.

My name is Brittney Cook, and I am college student currently on the journey to finding myself. I push myself to do things that put me out of my comfort zone. I try new foods, go to different cultural events and programs, and just try to enjoy the college experience while discovering who I am. I feel that my current journey of exploring my own identity has been reflected in all the pieces that I have written, and I hope that you think so too.

A picture of my lovely roommate and I.