Is There A War Against Not Eating Animals?

Or is it something else.

Before I start I’ll say this…

Technically, I’m not even 100% vegan. Never was, and I never claimed to be. Those who love labels boxed me in. I’m just a person who unintentionally stopped eating certain foods because my body stopped craving them and my stomach could no longer handle them. When it comes to animal rights, I honestly don’t care that much (#sorrynotsorry). That didn’t fuel my decision to stop eating meat. For what it’s worth, I do unintentionally do [some] things that wouldn’t exploit them in those areas.

ANYWAYS….it’s not about me so I’ll get back on topic…

I’m back again to comment and give my two cents on the diet wars once again.

There has been a trend of popular vegan influencers and YouTubers who are now coming out and telling their viewers that they are no longer vegan for xyz reasons.

I don’t need to give them anymore clout, if you type “no longer vegan” on YouTube, you’ll see all of them in the search results. Of the few videos that I did watch, I’ve noticed some common traits among these people:

  • They admitted to having a history of disordered eating and/or they showed signs of disordered eating
  • They wanted to lose weight (sometimes by any means necessary)
  • They had health problems prior to being vegan
  • They developed health problems while eating vegan
  • They followed very restricted and unbalanced vegan diets that made them nutrient deficient (e.g. low-calorie diets, eating only raw food diet with a lack of variety, long term water and/or juice fasts)
  • Practiced weird habits like drinking their own urine (like that won’t mess up your system or anything)
  • Sold products that had to do with veganism (cookbooks, diet plans, detox plans, etc.)
  • They were naturalists and refuse to take supplements (because it’s unnatural), while eating an unbalanced, restrictive diet.
  • Told their followers that being vegan is healthy (while personally struggling with health problems while eating this way)
  • Their “no longer vegan” videos are monetized. I guess when you build a following based on veganism and you no longer follow it, you will lose a lot of fans as a result. Opportunity wise, I guess it’s good if you better get as much ad revenue as possible because the well might run dry.
  • Claimed to automatically feel better (as in their symptoms started to decrease or completely go away) once they started eating animals/animal products (I didn’t know food was that magical).

Based on this the following questions make arise. Are they just a bunch of opportunistic fame whores riding the trending train? Are they people broken people who never really fixed their problems prior to becoming vegan? Was it just a fad to them?

Yes, no, maybe.

It’s all speculation, so it’s hard to tell 100% about every single person. I guess when veganism is marketed as a skinny fit chick trotting around in a bikini telling you that [plant based] veganism will make you happy, healthy, spiritually awakened, and disease free, I can see why people will be lured into drinking the [plant-based vegan] kool-aid. The same can be said about paleo, keto, carnivore, intermittent fasting, and other trending ways of eating. All of these advocates market their respective diets as a way for one to be healthy, fit and have minimal to no sickness. All of it is the same dogmatic behavior on why their way is right and any other way is wrong. Honestly, it’s not surprising that people fall off the wagon because there’s a probability that they were only eating this way for superficial reasons.

Personally, I believe that the “perfect diet” varies from person to person and NOT from the diet camp that is making the most noise on YouTube and other social media platforms. When you look at how people eat all over the world, you will see that their eating habits will constantly contradict someone else’s, yet people from both camps can thrive on top.

With all of this being said…

While it may appear to be a “war on veganism” in the cyber world with a number of popular influencers “trading teams” and people of other diet and lifestyle camps bashing plant-based and veganism lifestyles, the reality is that there is more so a war on trendy and restrictive diets that are once again causing people to flop.