Digital Nomad, Digital Expat or Digital Loser? The Big Debate
Nicholas Barang

Haha this is gold! A lot of people in the DN community do overly glamourize the lifestyle and making it seem like it’s so easy to make the switch. The irony is that some of the same people who poke fun at people back in the US, UK, etc. working miserable 9–5s, are probably in a worse position financially than them. I remember seeing a YouTube video of someone making fun of English teachers and other full-time expats because they have to report to a location dependent stressful job (which is funny they say that because it’s stressful as hell working online especially when starting out). Well, at least they’re well paid, have a free visa/permit, insurance, and depending on the country pay little to no taxes. I was enamored by the DN lifestyle at first, but I would rather just stick with working a location dependent contract job overseas while doing online projects as a secondary income source. I like traveling around Asia, but I like being secured even more.