The World Owes You Nothing

It was here first…

Image by Lena Bell via Unsplash

The world owes you nothing.

Ouch! That hurts, but it’s a sad, ugly truth that one may or may eventually realize. The earth provides, yet “we” have directly or indirectly caused a lot of damage and destruction to it. So why should we expect Mother Earth to give back after all of these years of abuse?

And then there’s the moral obligation within the human race…

We didn’t ask to be born, the least we could get from this world is common decency, right? It costs $0.00 to be a decent human being. Unfortunately, we weren’t born into a perfect world. In this case, I’ve come to the realization that the “the world owes you nothing” mindset is still applicable because it does help you get out of viewing the solutions to the world’s problems from an idealistic view to more of a realist one.

Personally, I find a sense of liberation thinking this way because I no longer waste my energy on things that will never change and focus on adjusting accordingly on my own terms with what I have. In the end, you are all you got. It’s okay to be a caring person, but the reality is the same level care may not be reciprocated, and for your own peace, you shouldn’t always expect that favor to be returned.

Unfair and oppressive systems are here to stay. They manifest themselves differently over the years. They will allow some wiggle room for the small wins while creating new problems for one to deal with in the future. World peace isn’t profitable and that’s why it will never happen. Things will never be 100% fixed, only half-assed enough to keep people temporarily satisfied.

God bless the soul that believes all we need is love
To stop this bullet train to extinction
I’ve been convinced to believe that it’s all over
And as we dance in this burning room
I can only relax until I’m in the tomb
Bad vibes and naysayers, to save yourself first
In this burning earth