In my opinion, us Americans are way too butthurt over the wrong things. We honestly act like babies on far too many occasions. We’ll stand up for women’s rights and the ability to pee in whatever restroom we like (noble causes to me, by the way) yet completely ignore all the incredible opportunities that America gives us on a daily basis.
I’ll Never Date An American Girl Again
Tom Kuegler

This quote hit the nail on the head. I’m an American with a Jamaican born parent. When I was 8, I visited my mom’s impoverished, rural Jamaican town. It was a huge culture shock from American suburbia, but I found some children my age to play with and I immediately adjusted to the culture. I was running around with dirt all over me like all of the other local children. It’s amazing how little they have and have much they appreciate the small things that many Americans take for granted. I’ve gone back to Jamaica couple times after that experience for family reunions and weddings. Going there definitely changed my perspective of the world, and it is one of the primary reasons why I couldn’t completely subscribe to some of the things many Americans complain about because they don’t realize how much they really have. We’re better off than many places in the world.