Photography Assistant Job Advertisement

Using an online search for assisting jobs within the photography industry, I have come across several different job descriptions of assisting roles that are currently being advertised online. I wanted to get an idea of the sorts of jobs which are getting posted online and what these job roles consist of and where these job are.

This particular job advertisement showed me that in fact not all jobs being posted were paid jobs but in fact voluntary. Something which I wouldn’t turn down because getting experience is just as important to actually getting a paid job.

Most of the job descriptions gave me the following details…

  • Location/ area of work
  • A brief description of what’s expected and what they are looking for
  • A brief description of who you would work for/ how long
  • The required experience needed
  • What you could get out of doing the job (salary/ experience/ portfolio work)

Being able to search for job roles online allows me to read up on what’s required before deciding if this is something I want. It’s also a good place to look and search for work that I am interested in. If something I am looking for comes up, I can hopefully give that someone what they are looking for as well as my own interests.

Reading this job advertisement I find myself very inserted in the role and would have never become aware of it unless searching it out online. I wouldn’t have thought to even do something like this until stumbling across the ad and researching more about the company and actually feeling confident in being able to do the job itself and have an interest in what it involves.

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