Professional Practice: Group Tutorial 1 (03/02/16)

During this tutorial as a group we mind mapped potential roles and career pathways which we all consider areas of interest and routes we might take within photography after graduating.

I have primarily been thinking about photographic assisting as well as continuing my own personal work alongside. To begin exploring a job or career within this area of the photographic industry I will need to explore two key elements and ask myself these questions in which I am in need of answers…

  • How would I go about assisting a photographer?
  • Who would I assist? (Which photographers?)

I had also brought along to this first tutorial a copy of the AOP: Beyond the Lens book which I have used throughout my previous two years of my foundation degree. The book contains anything from rights and ethics to business practice in professional photography. I will use this book to help me research the areas needed for what I am interested in taking up as a career within the field of photography.

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