Dance Music: Not New and Not Improved

I know I want to write about dance music in my final project but I am not sure what angle I should take. The following articles have opinions on what has been occurring recently in the dance music world. Some say that the reason for the creation of dance music is becoming clouded in its up and coming popularity. The genre is newly popular but not newly created and the reason for its creation its becoming clouded in its popularity. Armin van Buuren, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ explains his distaste for its commercialization.

It is becoming apparent that people are losing the sub genres of EDM in its commercialization. The people who were EDM fans before it blew up are getting frustrated with the fact that the music is losing its culture as its popularity grows.

A stereotype that now comes with the electronic dance music theme is a theme of drugs. Molly, ecstasy, and other drugs that are scientifically categorized as Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine (MDMA) are destroying the EDM scene as well as the reputation that comes with it. The people who actually go to festivals for the music rather than the drugs are getting frustrated with the way people now stereotype and categorized their favorite genre.

Pasquale Rotella, owner of festival company Insomniac Events, also explained how the commercialization of the EDM motto “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR)” is being commercialized and twisted over time.

An online blog, although not a factual source, gives opinions that I agree with in regards to the commercialization of dance music and how the scene is changing.

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