Little Player, Big Dreams

Blaise Czyz is 9 years old, but is trying out for a club baseball team for 11 and 12 year olds.
He is very serious about the sport and is a very skilled athlete. He believes he can make the team with hard work and consistency.
Sometimes Blaise works in his garage on hitting and fielding for hours at a time.
He is learning what it really means to be a hard worker.
There are many times during the process that Blaise wanted to give up and just try out for the team in his own age group.
But that is not what Blaise really wanted. He was anything but average, and he knew it. Now it was time to prove it.
Despite his determination, he felt small on the large field.
He felt small surrounded by large players.
He felt small in a large group at tryouts.
But in the end, his hard work landed him a spot on the team as the youngest player. He may be small, but he is definitely mighty.
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